Deodar III

Built for the Maritime Unit of the New Zealand Police, this vessel was designed to meet a challenging combination of requirements.

Length (OA): 17.4m (57.1ft)
Beam: 6.9m (22.6ft)
Draft: 0.8m (2.6ft)
Engines: 2 x MTU 8V2000 M92
Rating: 810kW (1086bhp) @2450rpm
Propulsion: 2 x HamiltonJet HJ403
Speed: 30 knots (service), 43 knots (max)
Construction: Aluminium
Builder: Q-West Boat Builders

The specification called for a multi-role vessel to be deployed on a wide variety of missions; including inter-coastal police and patrolling duties, customs work, search and rescue, as well as an occasional fast transport service. The vessel also needed a high sprint speed, economical cruising speed, a long service range, and excellent rough water capabilities.

Teknicraft's design of Deodar III met these requirements perfectly with a top speed of 43 knots, and an economical cruising speed of 30 knots at a minimal 5 litres per nautical mile fuel consumption.