Hawk V

As the next iteration of our highly successful Deodar III and Lady Elizabeth IV Police vessels, Teknicraft have designed an updated 18m patrol catamaran, Hawk V for Customs New Zealand.

Length (OA): 18.6m (61.0ft)
Beam: 6.9m (22.6ft)
Draft: 0.9m (3.0ft)|
Engines: 2 x Scania DI16 076M
Rating: 809kW (1085bhp) @2300rpm
Propulsion: 2 x HamiltonJet HJ403
Speed: 30 knots (service) 42 knots (max)
Construction: Aluminium
Builder: Q-West Boat Builders

This updated patrol catamaran includes our new Sickle Bow for improved seakeeping performance.

With New Zealand having the tenth longest coastline in the world this vessel was designed to have an extended range for offshore patrolling beyond our territorial waters. This vessel will boost Customs' capabilities as it is designed for deployment on a variety of missions, including coastal patrolling duties, customs work, search and rescue work missions and the occasional towing of vessels. This vessel can also be launched in under a minute.

The main area of operation is between Auckland and the far north with the majority of time spent in the Bay of Islands.