LION Foundation Rescue

Teknicraft Design Ltd was commissioned to design a 15.15m long Coastguard catamaran for operation along the coast of New Zealand. 

Length (OA): 15.15m (49.7t)
Beam: 5.8m (19.0ft)
Draft: 0.85m (2.8ft)
Engines: 2 x Scania DI 13 077M
Rating: 551kW (739bhp) @2300rpm
Propulsion: 2 x HamiltonJet HJ364
Speed: 27 knots (service), 35 knots (max)
Construction: Aluminium
Builder: Q-West Boat Builders

The primary function of the vessel will be to conduct maritime search and rescue missions, however as a multi-role vessel it may also be deployed for the following missions:

  • Assist and/or tow damaged or disabled vessels
  • Transport of sick and injured persons   
  • Support of aerial operations
  • Promotion of boating safety
  • Surveillance operations
  • Mother ship role
  • On-scene command function

The main deck layout consists of an ambulance bay with medical equipment and a spacious saloon including open galley and dining area. Four cabins located in the vessels hull accommodate up to 6 persons. The wheelhouse provides 360degree views for optimized visibility in search and rescue missions as well as for manoeuvring. 

The transom is fitted with a large hydraulic platform that lowers below the waterline to enable an injured person to be lifted from the water onto the deck. The tender stows below the deck and can be deployed and retrieved whilst the vessel is under way.