Storm Petrel

The research and survey vessel is designated for operation in the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary in Washington State.

Length (OA): 15.8m (51.9ft)
Beam: 5.6m (18.3ft)
Draft: 1.5m (4.8ft)
Main Engines: 2x Cummins QSC8.3
Rating: 368 kW (493 bhp) @ 2600 rpm
Propulsion: FP Propeller
Service Speed: 23 knots
Construction: Aluminium
Certification: USCG Subch T
Builder: All American Marine

The vessel can carry up to 18 personnel on board on a near coastal route. The Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary includes 3,188 square miles of marine waters off the rugged Olympic Peninsula coastline. The sanctuary extends 25 to 50 miles seaward, covering much of the continental shelf and several major submarine canyons. The vessel will host various research missions and visiting scientists concentrating on seafloor mapping, habitat characterization, data collection, and monitoring ocean species’ health and marine wildlife.

There is approximately 250 square feet of working space on the aft deck, with a complete complement of working gear and an extensive grid of deck sockets.  A flybridge on the upper deck allows vessel operations from a higher elevation while conducting research missions. The top deck also features a scientific winch, hauling winch, and a knuckle boom crane. The main deck features an adjustable A-frame for launching scientific equipment.

Additional features of the research vessel include both a wet laboratory for examining specimens and a dry laboratory for processing data.  The vessel’s main deck is a fully equipped galley and comfortable dinette with settee/bunk, kitchenette, and wet head.