Ten Seventy

Teknicraft has designed a 18.85m long Survey catamaran for operation within restricted coastal areas along the coast of New Zealand, with the primary function of hydrographic survey missions.

Length (OA): 18.85m (61.8ft)
Beam: 6.8m (22.3ft)
Draft: 0.85m (2.7ft)
Engines: 2 x MAN 8V-1200
Rating: 882kW (1182bhp) @2300rpm
Propulsion: 2 x HamiltonJet HJ403
Speed: 30 knots (service), 45 knots (max)
Construction: Aluminium
Builder: Q-West Boat Builders

However as a multi-role vessel it may also be deployed for various other missions.

The foil supported catamaran-hull is designed for high speed and constructed of high strength Alcan Sealium aluminium alloy.

The vessel can accommodate up to 6 persons overnight, in cabins located in the hull and one master bedroom on the main deck. The master bedroom is furnished with a king-size bed and has an en-suite bathroom.  The spacious lounge- and dining area is designed to fit up to 12 day passengers.