TenSixty has been designed as an underwater survey vessel with facilities to sleep six crew members on missions of up to four days.

Length (OA): 15.6m (51.2ft)
Beam: 6.4m (18.3ft)
Draft: 0.8m (2.0ft)
Engines: 2 x Caterpillar C18
Rating: 746kW (1000bhp) @2300rpm
Propulsion: 2 x HamiltonJet HJ403
Speed: 35 knots (cruise), 48 knots (max)
Construction: Aluminium
Builder: Q-West Boat Builders

This catamaran was the first vessel to utilise Teknicraft's innovative adjustable foil system which optimises fuel efficiency over a broad speed range. TenSixty has a top speed of 48 knots and can maintain a cruising speed of 30-35 knots using only 5 litres of fuel per nautical mile.

The water jet propulsion and low speed thrust capability allows surveying to be conducted in very shallow water and at any required speed, right down to 1 knot. It also ensures that the vessel can maintain a heading at low speed, even in a cross-current or windy conditions.