Teknicraft designed a cutting-edge research and hydrographic survey vessel which will be servicing the offshore wind market.


This 22 m aluminium research and survey catamaran was designed for BLUETIDE, Puerto Rico

Storm Petrel

Teknicraft has designed a 50’ Research Vessel for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)


Teknicraft have designed a hydrofoil-assisted, propeller driven catamaran for Duke University Marine Lab, Beaufort, North Carolina.

Killcohook - USACE

Based on the success of Florida II, Teknicraft designed a new foil supported aluminium catamaran for the US Army Corps of Engineers. 

Ten Seventy

Teknicraft has designed a 18.85m long Survey catamaran for operation within restricted coastal areas along the coast of New Zealand, with the primary function of hydrographic survey missions.

Florida II

Teknicraft has designed a new foil supported aluminium catamaran for the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Sea Scout

Teknicraft has completed the design work of a new vessel for C & C Technologies, Inc. (C & C) of Lafayette, LA to operate in the Gulf of Mexico and off the South American coastline.


Gulf Surveyor

Following the success of the 48' Teknicraft, R/V David Folger, built for the Middlebury College in 2012, The University of New Hampshire commissioned the construction of R/V Gulf Surveyor, to be built on the same hull form.

David Folger

The Middlebury College in Vermont, USA, requested Teknicraft to custom design a scientific research vessel to operate on Lake Champlain in New York State.


TenSixty has been designed as an underwater survey vessel with facilities to sleep six crew members on missions of up to four days.


This vessel has a cruise speed of 28 knots and is fitted with a large array of scientific instrumentation and equipment, including highly sensitive multi-beam transducers for mapping of the seabed.


NOAA commissioned a design for a 25 metre aluminium catamaran for their National Marine Sanctuary program.